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Borrowed Wing

This is a sampling of fairies with borrowed wings. All the fairies in the Fairy Trios Gallery are also available as individuals. I can also put borrowed wings on most fairy designs, so ask if you don't see the one you want.


Note: Although these fairies have wings that were previously used by insects, no insects were killed for their acquisition. 

Click images for description and enlargement

To order: email me and include the print number(s), name(s), size(s)

Cards with white background: $5.00 or any 6/$24

unframed 5x7:    $16

unframed 8x10:  $25

unframed 11x14: $40

Prices include shipping but not NYS tax

Note: I have many more designs than will fit on my website, and can also change out wings on many of my designs. Contact me if you would like to see more, or have any questions 

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