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Fairy Sightings

Through the Seasons

     Journey through the four seasons and watch as fairies and plants change in appearance. In this book you will find images of fairies in their natural habitats, all wearing clothes gathered from their surroundings. Some of them allowed close-up shots and are easy to see among the flowers and plants. Others kept their distance and are more hidden, requiring a careful look.

     An index of all the plant parts the fairies are wearing is included in the back of the book.


Fairies In Spring Flowers

Enter the magical world of a spring garden, where  fairies become visible with the help of blossoms, buds, leaves and seedpods. A rhyming poem accompanies each illustration. The flower and plant parts used to clothe the fairies are included with each image. This is an 11" x 8.5" paperback book with 46 pages.


Fairies In Summer

As days grow warmer and longer, fairies change their clothes, using the summer garden as their closet. This colorfully illustrated book of poems—rhyming couplets—high-lights the flowers and fairies that grace summer flowerbeds during the hottest days of the year. This 11" x 8.5", 46 page, paperback book is suitable for all ages.


Fairies In My Flowerbeds

Fairy figures clothed in flowers follow the four seasons through the garden.  Each fairy and season are accompanied by flowers and rhyming verses. The flowers and plant parts used in the design of each fairy figure are included. This is an 11" x 8.5" paperback book with 48 pages.


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Four Seasons
of Fairies and Flowers
A Coloring Book For The Young At Heart


This adult coloring book features 51 images of flowers and/or fairies. For a variety of coloring experiences, there are a mixture of images: outlined and grayscale, and simple to complex. Some are of flowers, some of fairies, and some portray both.


Go to Amazon to peak inside each book 

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